Non-Invasive Digital Techniques

New Prospects in the Research and Restoration of Wall Paintings.

International conference of the HAWK (Faculty of Engineering and Conservation and Hornemann Institute) in cooperation with the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and the Archaeological State Museum and the Domstift Brandenburg

Time: 27 - 30 April 2022
Place: Brandenburg an der Havel, Old Town Hall

On April 28 and 29, lectures will be held in the Rolandsaal in the Old Town Hall in Brandenburg a. d. H.:
On April 28, the lectures will focus on the DFG project on the mural painting cycle in the Brandenburg Cathedral cloister. On April 29, colleagues from other European countries will present innovative projects in the field of mural painting/architectural surfaces for discussion.
There will be ample opportunity to discuss the use of digital techniques in the Brandenburg Cathedral cloister.
The lectures will be framed by a programme of excursions on medieval wall painting organised by the Brandenburg State Office for the Preservation of Monuments:
On April 27, we will travel by bus to the Mark Brandenburg and on April 30 through the city of Brandenburg, including St. John's Cathedral.

Wandmalerei in Joch 9: Teilansicht mit der Kaiserdarstellung an der Südwand, östlich der Fensteröffnung, sie weist etliche Beschädigungen und Verluste, aber auch gut erhaltene Bereiche auf.

Ansicht des Oberen Kreuzganges: Nordflügel der Brandenburger Domklausur, nach Osten, heutiger Zustand nach Freilegung der fragmentarischen Wandmalereien.