Position: Professor (W2) for the subject area Conservation and Restoration of Furniture, Wooden Objects, and Material Combinations

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) is a German state university. The conservation study programme of the Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Conservation has been operating for more than thirty years in Hildesheim and offers different areas of specialization in the field of conservation:

- Books and Paper
- Polychrome Wooden Objects and Paintings
- Furniture and Wooden Objects
- Stone
- Wall Paintings/Architectural Surfaces

We are looking for a qualified individual with a completed university degree in Conservation-Restoration as well as a documented above-average PhD or an above-average equivalent of a PhD. Special accomplishments in the application or development of scientific findings and methods are expected. These should have been achieved in the relevant subject area through at least five years of professional experience (at least three years of which were outside of higher education institutions). High-quality publications and research experience would be advantageous. Responsibilities include teaching in the bachelor and master degree programmes in Conservation-Restoration. The successful candidate will possess extensive practical teaching experience and display an aptitude for teaching. Leadership experience is advantageous. Since most courses may be held in German, very good German language skills are desirable.

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