The Benedictine monastery of St. Michael in Hildesheim

1000 years of cultural history in stone

By way of this multi-media CD-ROM, users can access four assorted topics interactively and in a stimulating way:

  • Video sequences with a monk who acts as a guide to various rooms and places introduce the user to the way of life in a monastery of the late Middle Ages. The user gets to know the heterogeneous monastic community, its organization, its everyday life, the monastery interior and the community's economic background.
  • 3D-models, images, graphs and texts inform, in a varied way, about the history of the monastic complex and about its artistic decoration. By way of a time-string, the user can quickly access the era of his personal interest.
  • In the course of their recent preservation efforts, conservators-restorers have been proceeding in a way which may almost be referred to as "forensic". Images, graphics, video sequences and animations grant an insight into the conservation work. Construction materials, damages and their causes are explained and presented within their proper scientific context.
  • During the virtual stroll through the western wing of the cloister, additional information on the history of the construction and the art of the cultural monument as well as on the current measures to preserve it can be retrieved.
A glossary of specialist terms completes the CD. A short explanatory text will accompany terms retrieved.

The CD is only available in German.


The development of this CD-ROM has been sponsored by the Friedrich-Weinhagen-Stiftung, the Romanik Agentur Niedersachsen, the Gewinnsparverein der Sparda-Bank Hannover e. V., the Harzwasserwerke GmbH and the Commerzbank Hildesheim.

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