850 Years St. Godehard in Hildesheim

Interdisciplinary conference of the Hornemann Institute of the HAWK and the Klosterkammer Hannover in cooperation with the Diocese of Hildesheim in the context of the festive program for 1000 years of Bishop Godehard

Place: HAWK in Hildesheim
Time: 19-21 September 2022

On the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the inauguration of Bishop Godehard (1022-1038), the diocese of Hildesheim is planning a year of celebrations that will also radiate beyond the borders of the diocese. The Hornemann Institute of the HAWK in Hildesheim takes this anniversary as an opportunity, together with the Klosterkammer Hannover and in cooperation with the Diocese of Hildesheim to organize an interdisciplinary conference on the former Benedictine monastery church of St. Godehard, which celebrates its 850th anniversary of consecration in 2022.

The church is one of the most interesting sacral buildings of the 12th century: "St. Godehard is one of the best preserved and, in the technical sense, most uniform Romanesque churches in Germany," wrote Georg Dehio as early as 1912. It also received much attention in the 19th century: The art and cultural historian Jakob Burckhardt visited St. Godehard and was so fascinated by the building that he recorded its architecture and furnishings in sketches.

Even today, the history of the building and its furnishings, as well as their cultural and historical context, raise numerous questions. The conference will therefore review the history of the church and its important historical furnishings over the centuries, focusing on three main aspects: The foundation of the monastery and the construction of the church in the 12th century, the transformations in the church and monastery in the course of the reforms in the 15th century, and their historistic redesign in the 19th century. In order to support interdisciplinarity, experts from different disciplines will be involved: Art history, (church) history, restoration, and architecture.

The lectures will be held in German. Simultaneous translation cannot be funded.

St. Godehard from Southeast, Photo: Bistum Hildesheim

Stifterrelief mit dem Kirchenmodell an der Nordwand des Südflügels, dat. 1589