Friends Association of the Hornemann Institute

Founded in 1996 in Hildesheim, the Association for the Preservation and Conservation of World Cultural Heritage (Verein zur Bewahrung und Erhaltung des Weltkulturerbes e.V.), works as a friends association of the Hornemann Institute. In § 2 of the statutes, the purpose is stated as follows:

The association helps the preservation and conservation of world cultural heritage by providing the necessary expertise and by promoting the Hornemann Institute of the University of Applied Sciences and Art (HAWK).
In detail this is achieved through the following actions:

  • Building and maintaining internet based training courses for professionals, who work in the field of conservation and restoration and in museums
  • Building and maintaining a database on topics about conservation and restoration
  • Publications about conservation measures
  • Events covering questions about the preservation and conservation of world cultural heritage
  • Organizing and promoting conservation and restoration projects
  • Promoting an international knowledge exchange in the field of conservation and restoration, also with regards to the training of conservation professionals

The future of our cultural heritage will depend on us to inspire future generations, therefore the association is also involved in youth projects.

The primary aim of the Hornemann Institute is world wide knowledge transfer. We customize current scientific results within the scope of conservation and restoration to fit the needs of international specialists.