Saccharidische Bindemittel und Kleber

(Saccharide Binding Media and Adhesives)

by Prof. Jirina Lehmann

next course: 4 April - 29 May 2022
fee: 139,00 € (students get a reduction of 20%)

The course offers in-depth knowledge and interesting details on the formerly often used saccharide based binding media and adhesives derived from natural gums, flour, honey and sugar. It is divided up into four modules:

  • History, preparation and use of the binding media
  • Chemistry of the saccharides
  • Historical recipes on the preparation up to early 20th century
  • Practical exercises with Gum Arabic, tragacanth and starch

This unique, comprehensive compilation of information on saccharides provides conservators with a new and more intensive view on objects and their surfaces in historical techniques of the arts and crafts.
An included selection of historical recipes has been augmented by annotations for better understanding and to make it possible to reproduce the old, sometimes odd instructions today.

By means of interactive checkpoints you can assess your added knowledge repeatedly during the course. It is moreover supplemented with a glossary, links to extra information on the web and a substantial bibliography.
The course is integrated into the curriculum of the conservation studies at the HAWK. All external students receive a qualified certificate upon the successful completion of a final online exam.

The author:
After working in different institutions in Germany and abroad Jirina Lehmann was teaching as a Professor at the HAWK University for Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen until 2003. The course is based on her long lasting experience in research and teaching in the field of conservation and restoration of painted wood and sculptures.

The course is in German language, but technical support can be given in English.

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