Photography as a Tool for Documentation and Examination

by Christine Fiedler M.A., Barbara Hentschel M.A., and Dipl.-Des. Clemens Kappen

next course: 4 April - 29 May 2022
fee: 198,- € (Students get a reduction of 20%.)
flyer (pdf, 222 KB)

This course imparts you with the knowledge required to conduct a reputable photo documentation. It describes the technology of a camera, lighting, accessories and image editing. The practice related assortment of the upmost important skills of digital photography and the relevance of professional imaging techniques make this course one of a kind.

Following an introduction to the topic, the basics of applied photography such as the aperture, the shutter speed, focus and lighting are introduced. Followed by the most important facts about digital photography, particularly the camera techniques, working with digital image data and electronic image editing. The course gives an overview on the topic of light and informs you about the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used lamps and flash photography. Fundamental features and areas of the use of lenses will also be mediated.

One chapter is dedicated to the visualisation of examinations in visible, UV- and infrared light. Further more the course illustrates the technical accessories and the output of images as a print.

This course is a translation of the German course.

The conservator Christine Fiedler M.A. teaches photography as the successor of Dipl.-Des. Clemens Kappen for the HAWK Conservation Study Programme. Dipl.-Rest. Barbara Hentschel  M.A. develops and tutors the online content of the Hornemann Institute.

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