The Examination of Transparent Coatings on Furniture and Wooden Objects

by Prof. Dr. Gerdi Maierbacher-Legl, Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Rest. Julia Schultz, and Merle Strätling M.A.

next course: 4 April - 29 May 2022
fee: 198,- € (Students get a reduction of 20%.)

This course emphasizes a practical approach to coatings examination, from overall inspection techniques to spot analysis:

It covers observation with visible and ultraviolet light, solubility tests, examination of cross-sections, microchemical tests as well as histochemical staining methods. Useful tips are provided for the use of specific equipment and facilities. Health and safety issues are also addressed.

In addition, the course conveys fundamental information about the primary materials used in different types of coatings, their chemical and physical properties, as well as factors influencing deterioration and surface phenomena.

With the help of detailed explanation of the basic information, it is also possible to learners with little previous knowledge to get into the subject.

During the term of the course, a graduated conservator is available to all participants via e-mail.

Students of the Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Conservation can get credit points for the course.

This course is a translation of the German course.

The authors:
Since ten years Prof. Dr. Gerdi Maierbacher-Legl has been heading the Furniture and Wooden Objects Conservation at the HAWK. Dr. Julia Schultz M.A. and Merle Strätling M.A. have graduated in Conservation and Restoration in this area of specialization.

The development of the course has been co-financed by the European Union.

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