October 2021 Restoration Ethics Meets Professional Practice... In Honour of Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Rest. Ursula Schädler-Saub Retirement from the HAWK
May 2021 The Fragment In the Digital Age. Opportunities and Limitations of New Conservation-Restoration Techniques

November 2019


Follow-up conference to "Sgraffito in Change"

January 2019


Church Climate


January 2018

Consolidation & Communication


November 2017

Sgraffito in Change


September 2015

3rd Forum Medieval Art


September 2013

Divided – united! Preservation of monuments and sites in Central Europe at the Time of the Iron Curtain and Today


April 2011

Wall paintings exposed to outdoor weathering


February 2011

Salts in Cultural Heritage - Challenge for research and practice


September 2010

1000 Years St Michael in Hildesheim


January 2010

Brandheiss! Brandschutz in Museen und Baudenkmälern"

January 2010

Grundsätze und aktuelle Fragen der Erhaltung moderner und zeitgenössischer Kunst"


May 2009

Never superficial!


January 2009

Theory and Practice in Conservation of Modern Art


November 2006

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Germany – perspectives in Preventive Conservation and Preservation

April 2006


The materiality of surfaces of the Modern Movement architecture

October / November 2002

Virtual congress:
World Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

November 2001

"Exposure 2001"


May 2001

Restoring the restorations? The treatment of medieval wall paintings and architectural polychromy during the 19th and 20th century

The primary aim of the Hornemann Institute is world wide knowledge transfer. We customize current scientific results within the scope of conservation and restoration to fit the needs of international specialists.