Never superficial

Conservation of Murals/Architectural Surfaces

On the occasion of Prof. Dr. Ivo Hammer's retirement, the Hornemann Institute of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Goettingen
Faculty Preservation of Cultural Heritage, was holding in collaboration with the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Murals and Architectural Surfaces a  colloquium entitled:
"Never Superficial! Challenges in Conserving Murals /Architectural Surfaces"
in Hildesheim on May 15th, 9:45 - 18:00 h.

Renowned Specialists spoke: Prof. Dr. Mauro Matteini, Prof. Dr. Thomas Danzl, Markus Eiden, Prof. Dr. Ivo Hammer, Dr. des. Stefanie Lindemeier, Prof. Jürgen Pursche, Prof. Dr. Nicole Riedl, Elodie Rossel.

Conference language: German (Mauro Matteini speaks in English)

Abstracts of the proceedings


Coming by train you can reach the conference building Goschentor 1 directly from the main station with bus no. 2 or 3 or you can leave the train at "Hildesheim Ost" station (walking distance to the HAWK).
Route Map to Hildesheim
Location at Hildesheim
Location of the conference building: Goschentor 1 (= A)

Plakat zum Fachkolloquium; (c) HAWK, Fakultät Erhaltung von Kulturgut, 2009